Great Valleys

Great Valleys

Great Valleys 

Great Valleys 

Great Valleys
Chapter Leaders

Sean Lester
Delmer Seal
Vice President
Sean Rice
Bill Gilliam
Dr Scott R Midkiff
Content Knowledge Officer
Jeff Manning
Board Member
Tom Whitaker
Board Member
Carles Helmandollar
Board Member

Remaining Chapter

Timothy Cooke
Region 10 Representative
Andrew Smith
Associate Board Member/Webmaster 
Jeff Carlson
Associate Board Member 
Tammy Perdue
Associate Board Member
Teddy Dye
Webmaster/Community Manager

Training Opportuities

Registration: See below each webinar description for registration link. You MUST register for each webinar.
For More Information Contact:
Sean Lester at 540-641-4850 or sean.lester@selestsystems.com
Tammy Perdue at 540-312-4723 or tammy.perdue@emp.shentel.com

**Due to Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines, these webinars will not be presented at physical locations.**

Future Training Dates

Upcoming training opportunities 

No future training schedule at this time
Future Training Opportunities TBA

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SCTE is the premier membership organization for technical cable telecommunications professionals. SCTE member benefits, technical training courses, certifications, and information resources focus on providing professionals on every level of the industry with the tools needed to develop and advance their expertise. By connecting members from cable operators and vendors through a wide-range of programs and events, SCTE strengthens relationships and promotes technology-focused thought leadership.

The Network for Your Network. Succeed with SCTE, a potent force for the technical workforce. Accelerate deployment of technology to drive business results. Exclusive benefits keep professionals like you prepared for technology's growing sophistication. Let the industry's applied science arm increase your expertise. Comprising innovative thinkers and problem solvers, SCTE is the go-to network for every broadband network-and career.

Becoming an SCTE member isn't a one-time event. It's only the first step in an always-on movement. To relentlessly pursue knowledge and career advancement. To keep up with our continuously updated content. To network with the cable telecommunications industry's most innovative thinkers. You work in an industry that is constantly evolving. It's time to join the evolution.


SCTE has been the cable industry's leading training organization for over 50 years, and our training is recognized as the benchmark for proving cable knowledge. Our courses are built on an unmatched understanding of technology and network infrastructure from an in-house staff with decades of experience and a vast network of working groups consisting of the industry's technology experts and thought leaders. And our flexible course delivery methods fit any telecommunication professionals' schedules and learning styles.

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